School Fundraisers

Let us cake a difference in your school's fundraising needs. Our school fundraisers are created with the needs of your families and school at the center of each option.


Teacher Appreciation

Let your families show their teachers just how much they appreciate them while earning money for the programs they love. One time teacher appreciation fundraisers and ongoing options are both available! 


Class Celebrations

Celebrations happen year round! Share our list of class party items for parents to have delivered for class parties and earn money for your school (while saving your parents a trip to the store!) 



Your families can choose from any of our class party items to be delivered to school to share with their classmates for their birthday. It's a great way to fundraise without asking for any more from your families...they were going to send in a treat anyway! Make it easier for them (no baking, no running out to the store, no dropping off the treats to school), while earning money for you!