Let your kids play with their food with our monthly BAD kits! Our kits are full of our delicious and adorable baked goods, deconstructed! Bake a Difference in your child's love of creating (and eating) these edible works of art. Each month we will feature a new kit full of that month's goodies and the link for the child-friendly, online tutorial video. 

Featured baked goods include:

Sugar Cookies

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake



Mini Cakes


Each month features a unique design for your child to create. 

Bake a Difference in the life of your favorite junior chef with this super fun and super tasty kit!

BAD Subscription Kit

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BAD Kit - 3 month
Save $3 with a Subscription!
$38.00monthly/ 3 months
BAD Kit - 6 month
Save $5 with a 6 month Subscription!
$36.00monthly/ 6 months
  • Subscription kits are delivered or picked up on the first of each month. If you need to reschedule the delivery/pickup of your kit, please email to arrange an alternate date a minimum of 2 days prior.